Parent of a child with Autism, WA

Jacqueline has been with us for four years.  We highly recommend her for any family with a child with special needs.  Jacqueline came into our family’s lives and changed us for the better.  We met when our family in a state of bewilderment on what we could do for our beautiful son. We needed to know what was best for our child and how we could reach him.  She came beside us and showed us what to do.  We continue to learn how to be parents of a special needs child.  We learned to separate the child from the diagnosis and how not to get lost in excuses of a diagnosis.  Jacqueline showed us why a diagnosis for our child was important --how it would open doors for him that would stay shut otherwise.  We learned when it is ok to be the squeaky wheel and when we should just wait patiently.  We learned not to sell him short and to have high expectations of him; he might surprise us! We learned to think outside of the box with the medical field and to expect more from everyone.  She helped us learn numerous skills that assist us in helping our child be his best.  The effects of Jacqueline's influence on our family will continue to ripple through our lives for many years to come.

Parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy, WA

Our son has Cerebral Palsy and has a spirited personality. Miss J had an instant connection with him and was able to direct him in ways that no other OT had been able to do. When he first began working with her, he had very little fine motor skills in his left (& affected) hand and the progress that he made under her guidance exceeded any expectation that we had. She is extremely knowledgeable and introduced us to alternative therapies that have been extremely beneficial to our son. She truly cares about the kids and families that she works with and we are forever grateful for the positive impact that she has had, not only on our son, but on our family as a whole. She is by far the best.

Parent of a child with Down Syndrome, WA

Jacqueline started working with my daughter when she was just a couple months old. I was impressed immediately with her vast knowledge and her ability to translate that knowledge to me as the parent. She stressed that even though our daughter had Down syndrome she would have certain characteristic of that diagnosis, but she was also our child and she shared her mother and father’s characteristics/traits as well. Down syndrome was just a small part of who she is. Jacqueline always listened carefully to my concerns and fears for my daughter and provided ways to ease those fears. She taught me how to use everyday moments and everyday things to incorporate into my daughters OT. She wasn't just concerned with my daughter development, but I felt like she was invested in my development as a new special needs parent. I learned about support groups, play groups, resources online, insurance in and outs and so much more. Jacqueline's has a constant desire and effort to keep up with new therapy techniques and research. She is always looking for new ways to help our children. Her passion for her families and her clients is admirable and a true blessing to any family who is lucky enough to have her as a therapist. I’m so grateful that she was able to work with our daughter.

Adult client with a hand injury, USVI

Jacqueline was fantastic helping in both my immediate first aid and subsequent rehabilitation when I was involved in a motor scooter accident. I suffered a fracture in my wrist and Jacqueline was able to construct a personalised cast that enabled easy removal for bathing. Her exercises helped to ensure a quick recovery and I've had no problems with my wrist since then. Though at the time I wasn't the happiest of patients I am also extremely grateful that she scrubbed all the gravel out of my palm immediately following the accident ensuring less chance of infection and complication. 



Parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy, WA

We have seen many therapists since my daughter was born, but Jacqueline is by far the best you could ever dream to walk through your door. From the moment we met her I knew it was the perfect fit for my daughter. She went above and beyond for her when it came to OT, DME, open communication with me and her other therapists, so we were all working towards a common goal, getting my daughter a modified bike to much more.

We may have only had her in home for the one session a week but even when she wasn't there and on her own time, she would think of new things for my daughter that we could make or work into her sessions. As a therapist she is phenomenal at making the parents feel completely comfortable in recreating her movements and positions safely for you and child during regular home activities. One of my favorite things about Jacqueline is that she is always thinking outside of the box for your child, she doesn't stick to the same routine. I love that she is always at the ready to modify her session based on what my daughter would tolerate because children can be oh so unpredictable at times. Her extensive education and longevity in the industry makes her an amazing advocate to bounce ideas off of as well. She truly is an amazing woman and an excellent therapist!

Love & miss you dearly!

Parent of a child with Autsim, WA

Jacqueline was wonderful, for the first time I finally had some answers to why certain behaviors happen in my son.    She is giving me a new perspective on how to help my child, with the bonus of being able to show him how to advocate for himself, for the first time he feels like he is part of the plan.

Parent of a child, WA

Jacqueline is amazing! She definitely knows her stuff and keeps herself well educated with new and upcoming therapy strategies. My son has made great progress with her and enjoys their therapy sessions together. Highly recommend her to anyone.

Parent of a child with developmental delays, WA

This is the best occupational service we have had for my son.  Mrs. Watson is able to help explain to us why our son has certain behavior issues and she is able to help us develop ways to cope with these behaviors at home and in a school setting.  In only a year we have seen our son grow in areas I didn't think I would ever see. Her expertise in her specialty is phenomenal and we have been so blessed to have found her.

Grandparent of child with Learning disabilities, WA

Jacqueline really knows her stuff! I've accompanied my granddaughter to some of her visits with Jacqueline and I'm really impressed with her knowledge and education! Jacqueline relates and helps in a no-nonsense and kind and fun way! She has given our family lots of helpful tools to use. My granddaughter has progressed a lot under Jacqueline's care and she really responds well to Jacqueline!

Parent of a child with Down Syndrome, WA

Ms. J is the best OT around! We drive from Tacoma to see her. When our little man couldn't walk, she helped him learn how to walk and then run!! She continues to work with him on all kinds of applicable life skills. Thank you Jacqueline.

Parent of a child with seizures, WA

Ms. J is Awesome! My son has seen her for about 3 years now, and he has gained so much through her services! We actually were seeing her through another clinic, and we were so impressed by how she worked with our son, we were excited when she told us that she had her own practice! I would highly recommend her!

Parent, WA

Jacqueline is absolutely amazing with our son. He is 11 with Auditory Processing Disorder. He has been with Jacqueline for almost 4 months now and has made significant progress. Her ability to make things fun, include the family members in the session and help my son gain confidence is truly remarkable. Not only does my son benefit from his sessions my daughter and myself and his father do as well. If your in need of occupational therapy please consider using her!
He is currently doing the ILS training and the growth in these last few months is incredible. His ability to communicate, control his body, control his thoughts( think plan and do ) express his emotions are all things he wasn't able to do 4 months ago. Just all in all the best thing that could have happened to our family!


What I like most about Jacqueline is that she incorporates effective, state of the art therapies while catering to the learning style, personality and interest of her clients. Her approach is also centered on education and self empowerment. We have been extremely pleased with the progress of our teenage son and would highly recommend her services to anyone. She is outstanding!

Parent of child with CP, WA

Ms. J has been working with my son for years. His CP diagnosis has been incredibly alleviated by the work he has done in OT. Ms. J works closely with us as parents to teach us how we can continue to work between sessions. My son loves that she brings so many different activities/games to make therapy fun. Honestly, he can be challenging at times, but Ms. J always has a way to get him to focus. We are so grateful she is able to spend so much time with our family.

Parent, WA

Miss J has been working with my son for several months, and I have noticed a vast improvement in multiple areas of his development (strength, eye tracking, coordination, focus, gross and fine motor, and even behavioral improvements to name a few.) Jacqueline is extremely knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas, and she is able to pass her knowledge along to clients and parents through suggested exercises, activities, Internet resources, and pamphlets. She also is able to customize each session according to my son's needs that day. Her flexibility and expertise have well-exceeded our expectations! We feel very blessed to have found such a caring, well-informed, and conscientious provider. Thank you, Miss J!